Scott True, M.D., orthopedic surgeon with The Christ Hospital, has debuted a new anterior hip replacement system that has cut down on discomfort and recovery time for patients who are needing a hip replacement. Traditionally, hip replacements are done via a posterior approach, through the back. While medical technology has advanced to where even this approach can be completed with little difficulty or recovery time, True's ACTIS system, and anterior approach, is an even less evasive procedure. "The exposure for an anterior approach doesn't cut through the muscle like a posterior approach.

The stem we use has a slight curve on it since that approach doesn't come with a straight shot. We're not cutting the muscles, we're spreading them apart. Patients, especially patients who had a posterior approach on one side and an anterior approach on the other, will all tell you how much more quickly they got better on the anterior side."

In fact, patients typically recover in half the time with an anterior approach. Most people who have hip replacements will only be in the hospital overnight, and almost always home that next day. Those patients typically feel back to their normal selves within three months.