Bill Cunningham's Story

This year, 700 WLW afternoon host Bill Cunningham, underwent a minimally invasive valve replacement procedure at The Christ Hospital. The Christ Hospital is the only hospital in the region able to offer transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) to all aortic valve patients.

Dr. Dean Kereiakes, Bill's long-time cardiologist and the doctor who performed his procedure, explained that the only alternative to TAVR is surgical valve replacement surgery, which requires opening up the chest and breaking the sternum with a four to six week recovery period.

Thanks to this advanced technology, Bill only spent 24 hours in the hospital and was back to work in six days. "I wanted a world-class heart facility," he said. "I only have one heart and it's giving me one life. I needed a professional who has done this hundreds of times, multiple times a day. I wanted a doctor who would act with precision, with speed and with care - and I was so fortunate that the most world-class facility was right here in Cincinnati."