Neurosurgery Advancements with Fluorescent Technology

The Christ Hospital is among the region's first healthcare organizations to offer a brand-new breakthrough in how neurosurgeons treat Glioblastoma (GBM), one of the most common and deadliest types of brain cancer. Previously available imaging methods, like MRI, fail to detect tentacles of tumor cells which always accompany these GBM lesions, sometimes extending centimeters into important brain regions.

An FDA approved surgical microscope accessory, BLUE 400, allows neurosurgeons to remove as much of the brain tumor as possible, while avoiding damage to healthy brain tissue. Patients ingest a solution prior to surgery, which causes healthy brain tissue to appear bright blue and tumors to appear bright pink under a special microscope filter system. The neurosurgeon can see and remove as much of the tumor as possible, without harming healthy brain tissue.

Mark Magner, MD, Christ Hospital neurosurgeon, is leading this revolutionary new technology, having treated his first GBM patient with this surgery in early 2019.